Inspiration from #199

Inspiration, just like its cousin motivation, is often a unique and personal thing.

There are many martial art expressions/sayings out there that can be learned from, embraced and function as inspiration in times of need. Here are a few of my favorites. Many are without credit as they’re just old… like the arts themselves.

“Fall 7 times, get up 8”

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Book Worming

Yup… book worming is now a verb. 

It is a common enough thing for people to ask about recommended books. SO here’s a list from my eyes. I’ll list them as I remember them, even though some are likely to be old reads with a foggy recollection. I’ll also update periodically. I was going to include good blogs, but instead I’m going to create a separate post with good online resources for reading.

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The forever student…

Always be a perpetual student… the concept was first taught to me when I was young by my father.  I remember the books on tape he would play in the car by guys name Zig and Tony. The mind, your brain… this was harped upon as being your most important asset and tool. It was to be cultivated, nurtured, protected, and fed constantly. Later, my high school years focused heavily on this same idea. In their goal of preparing us for college studies and creating “men for others”, they harped upon the importance of an open mind and the continuation of learning. Then in college, I not only fed the brain voraciously, I also found Jiu Jitsu… specifically “American Jiu Jitsu”. This was a happy accident, and probably part of a future blog about unintended consequences. It has also fed my brain in ways never anticipated.

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